Social media withdrawl tools part 1

This post was written 4 years ago.
Mon, 21 Mar 2011
I have occasional periods where for one reason or another I want to distance myself from social media for a bit. One of the things that usually stops me is the idea of missing communication aimed specifically at me. Facebook has the option to control what types of communication (e.g. a message) result in an email, and twitter has the option to send you an email when someone direct messages you, but (as far as I know) there is no direct way to be informed when you are "mentioned" on twitter.

Here is one technique to get round this - presuming you use an RSS reader of some sort (I use google reader), you can go to, search for your username and then subscribe to the RSS feed for the results.

Now simply uninstall your twitter client and step away from the firehose, and if someone mentions you, you'll know next time you read your RSS feeds. Less immediate, but that's part of the point!
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The day I quit twitter

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Tue, 01 Jun 2010
me not on twitter
Today was the day I quit twitter.

Actually, "quit" is too strong a word, but today is the first day in months/ years that I haven't been checking it all day, every day, at least every few minutes. Other than times where i'm completely "offline", this is the first time i've reached midday without checking it all. If it's not an addiction is certainly a bad habit!

Over the last few days I had become increasingly annoyed with twitter, in the same way you can become annoyed with anything if you overdo it. I'd been trying to work out how best to handle the signal to noise ratio, how I might prune the list of people I follow (without offending people), or how to apply filters to narrow down what I was receiving. But then last night I deleted my twitter client from my phone, removed tweetdeck from the dock on my laptop and decided to see what happens without it.

Right now, I have mild anxiety over "missing out" on stuff - from social gatherings, to "stuff" that people are talking about. On a positive note, I will hopefully have less of those conversations where someone tells me about something they have done/said/bought/broken/invented/eaten and my stock reply is "yeah, I saw your tweet about that..."

In the web world, I might miss out on some new techniques and technology, although i'm sure anything pertinent will eventually appear on my radar. In the real world i'll still get the news through traditional media, and the bbc news website of course.

Besides missing out on important stuff I think other people might be talking about, the "twitterverse" is surely missing out on a whole load of my inane thoughts that I would have compulsively tapped out on my phone or laptop at various points today. One of those things is that I will hopefully blog more, as all this self-indulgent drivel has to go somewhere.... I'm also hoping to be more productive on personal projects - I have to keep myself creative by taking a break from client work and building stuff that i'm not being paid for, and I think a lot of that energy has been sucked up in twitter recently.

So anyway, I haven't deleted my account or have any immediate intention of doing so. I also haven't announced anything on twitter - it will just invite conversation and draw me back in. I just need to cold turkey - let's see how long I last!

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Is the internet going to fast for you Granddad? ;)

Andy Gale 2010-06-01 15:10:33
What's that you say young man? YOU'LL HAVE TO SPEAK LOUDER!!!

Rick Hurst 2010-06-02 14:44:35
I'll miss your 'inane thoughts' on Twitter but look forward to more blog posts. I like this one!

Katja Durrani 2010-06-17 12:01:55
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How to use twitter for marketing and PR

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Wed, 14 Jan 2009
Some insightful tips on this site about using twitter for PR and marketing:-
(sorry, couldn't resist posting that!)

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very funny !!!

Karl 2009-06-10 12:59:52
This post was written 6 years ago, which in internet time is really, really old. This means that what is written above, and the links contained within, may now be obsolete, inaccurate or wildly out of context, so please bear that in mind :)
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